The Laurax


I’m Laura, a news/editorial journalism major from SIUC who works at the Daily Egyptian, my university’s newspaper. I am the Editor-in-Chief as of now, but I start as a page designer and online editor once the fall starts and I couldn’t be more excited. I came to college with the goal to make it here one day, and I can’t believe the opportunity has finally come.

I’ve served on a few different positions at the newspaper, and I would say writing my Weird Wood column has been my ultimate favorite part so far. I’m excited to keep it going with even more weird news stories for the Carbondale campus and community to read.

My career goals are a little fuzzy at the moment, but I hope to find employment with an entertainment publication, magazine, major metropolitan newspaper, publishing house or wire service with the skills and knowledge I’ve acquired during my years in school. I plan to get certified in American Sign Language interpretation once I graduate with my journalism degree, so I would also love the opportunity to fine-tune those skills and put them to good use.

Take a look around my almost-complete portfolio complete with class assignments, article clips and interactive maps! It won’t be a waste of time.