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This page is dedicated specifically to the column I write for the Daily Egyptian. I haven’t been able to write any within the last school year because of my editing duties, but this page will be updated regularly as early as August when I start writing them again.

piggamesPlay with pigs the modern way

Have you ever wanted to play with a pig without having to actually climb in the pen with them to do so? Well, guess what!

A team of Dutch designers from Wageningen University and the Utrecht School of the Arts in the Netherlands created a game that humans and pigs can play together. The game is called “Pig Chase,” and the goal is to maintain contact between the pig’s snout and the human’s finger to direct a ball of light toward a triangular target that shoots out colorful fireworks once accomplished.
lovegunsHonor a loved one’s life with a bang

Families don’t have to keep their cremated loved ones on display in an urn if they don’t want to.

Holy Smoke is a company in Stockton, Ala., that packs deceased loved ones’ ashes into bullets as a way to honor their nature-loving life by giving them one last bird hunt or round of clay targets, according to the company’s website.

dryersheetIt’s time to think outside the dryer

Laundry isn’t the only thing dryer sheets can benefit. In fact, neither are art projects, picnics or irons.

According to numerous sources, including the Huffington Post, there are actually quite a few different, practical and wallet-friendly uses for those small fabric softeners that might not be immediately thought of when looking for quick solutions to persistent problems around the house.

There’s more than one way to carry a wife

Few things can get a husband moving quicker than his wife, some beer and a cash prize.

It doesn’t matter whether her body is wrapped around his waist or she’s thrown over his back with her legs hooked onto his shoulders. So long as she doesn’t fall and tack 15 seconds onto the team’s race time, judges will accept any maneuver that might help the two cross a Wife Carrying Race’s finish line.

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 Blood sacrifice sheds light on energy conservation

There’s nothing like a good finger cut to help us remember exactly how wasteful and disposable our society is.

At least, that was U.S. designer Mike Thompson’s thought process when he decided to create a lamp that will only work once you drop a little blood into it. According to his website, Thompson created this Dracula bulb so one would stop and actually think about where energy comes from and its cost to the environment.

TraceDoggy ale won’t wag my tail

It seems only appropriate that someone would create a form of America’s most popular alcoholic beverage for the nation’s most popular pet to enjoy with everyone else.

It’s called Bowser Beer, and it is appropriate to share with your dog during any party or game night, according to the product’s website. Whether your pooch prefers Beefy Brown Ale or Cock-a-Doodle Brew, the beer is available in six-packs in 44 states, Washington D.C. and London.

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Don’t make Doomsday a lonely one

It could be the same romantic setup with you and mister or miss right: long slow walks, candlelit dinners and frightening movies as an excuse to get close and hold each other.

The only difference is that those walks would be to the grocery store for non-perishable food, dinnertime conversation would revolve around ways to build an underground shelter and the scary movies wouldn’t be scary at all. They would be apocalypse films that could offer insight on what to expect when doomsday actually arrives.


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