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Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 7.12.57 PMIs what’s to gain worth what will be lost?

In case you haven’t heard, four of this university’s unions might go on strike Nov. 3.

One can hardly go through a day without hearing about it. It’s featured on television news and printed in newspapers around the area. Students can’t help but wonder what this will mean for them.

Chancellor Rita Cheng has said it would be “business as usual” if faculty and staff decided to strike, but it is hard to see how. Students whose instructors would strike would not only learn from replacement teachers, but they would also be involuntary witnesses to all the animosity and unrest a strike would cause.




roomiesResidence halls not quite Rome, but one must still do as the residents do

Living in the residence halls on campus can be compared to moving to a new country, learning the ways of the land and striving to make it seem like you belong. There’s a new language to learn, new roads to navigate and new faces to become familiar with.

And while moving into them and becoming accustomed to the operations within isn’t that difficult, learning how to maintain a neighborly and amicable atmosphere around you could take some pointers and practice. Taking these small tips for survival into consideration could prove to pacify those anxious thoughts and soothe those nervous jitters to the point where it will feel as though you’re only moving to the other side of town.


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